AT&T LaptopConnect Gets 20 Percent Speed Bump to 1.7Mbps Downstream, 1.2 Up

Users of AT&T's LaptopConnect should notice some more spring in their (already springy) virtual steps by the end of this month, courtesy of AT&T's rabid 3G build-out adding HSUPA to its existing HSDPA 3G network. (What?) Downstream speeds are now 700Kbps to 1.7Mbps, upstream is 500Kbps-1.2Mbps, a nice boost in upload speed. The catch is that you need the following data cards: AT&T USBConnect 881, Sierra Wireless AirCard 881, Option GT Ultra and Option GT Ultra Express. But if that's not fast enough, you can always pop into a Starbucks for unlimited free Wi-Fi. [AT&T]


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