With the FCC blessing the use of smartphones—and their wireless plans—on planes, perhaps it was only a matter of time until carriers started designing services tailored for the skies. Re/code reports that AT&T wants to bring you 4G/LTE connectivity at 35,000 feet.

While Re/code's report is thin on details, it does contain official quotes from two AT&T executives who confirm that the company is developing an in-flight product that works on 4G/LTE spectrum standards. We don't know how the heck that's supposed to work, but connectivity in the skies is hardly a new idea. The service would pit AT&T against in-flight Wi-Fi providers like GoGo. In-flight wireless coverage is already a reality in parts of the world with more relaxed regulatory structures.


Being able to use your existing data plan on planes would be a godsend for frequent travelers—unless of course it ends up being just as expensive as GoGo was anyways. [Re/code]