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AT&T U-Verse Mobile First Video: Watch Your Favorite Shows By Phone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

AT&T's U-Verse Mobile app is coming, and we've gotten our first demo of how AT&T's bringing TV to phones. It's a sleek-looking, intuitive interface that'll let U-Verse customers watch recorded video on their phones.

U-Verse customers were already able to program their DVRs from their phones, in a similar manner to Comcast's DVR app, and SlingPlayer Mobile already offers similar TV-watching functionality. With the U-Verse Mobile app, you can only download shows over Wi-Fi (not 3G), but can watch them at any time.


There aren't a whole lot of U-Verse subscribers out there relative to the major players out there, but this seems like it'll be a boon for those who've got it.