AT&T Wants to Make Its iPhone 4S the iPhone "4G" (Update: Confirmed)

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We knew that AT&T's the only major US carrier that's going to be able to take advantage of the iPhone 4S being a HSPA+ device, but it's kind of unexpected that Apple might help them make that distinction with a 4G network indicator in the status bar. Updated.


Update: AT&T confirms to us that Apple and AT&T "working together on this." Note that they're not confirming it's going to happen, just that they're working on it. So we'll see.

AT&T's FauxG4G network is in the process of adding LTE coverage right now. So once AT&T's at the point where it can claim an LTE network, having a "4G" iPhone that's running HSPA+ could be a little misleading for customers, depending on the real-world data experience they get. [ThisIsMyNext]



Can someone please clarify why one needs faster internet speeds on a phone? We can already stream movies, music, download huge games, etc on "3g" without a problem. Unless they up the resolution on the screens to HD, I really dont see why one needs that many mBit/s