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AT&T's Unofficial Response To 300-Page iPhone Bill: Default Summary Invoicing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An AT&T call-center employee has taken it upon himself to answer the allegations of the infamous 300-page iPhone bill, apparently in lieu of an official response from the telco. While not "defending" AT&T, he did say this:

As of August 10, "summary billing" has been the default format for paper bills, doing away with specific call and data-usage details. Anyone signing up for service or switching rate plans will get a summary bill, and—in what appears to be a 180-degree shift—will have to pay $1.99 per month to get the 300-page edition.

Since summary billing is still paper that comes in the mail, call-center employees are asked to encourage paperless billing. This is also an option customers can set online, and apparently choose during activation.


Again, this isn't the official word, but it sounds like the furor may be dying down. For me, I hate mail of any kind, so paperless billing is always the way to go, right from the start. Now I have an email inbox full of billing emails I never open, but at least the trees don't mind. [Gadget Lab]