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Australian Cage of Death Taunts Crocodiles With Human Food

Illustration for article titled Australian Cage of Death Taunts Crocodiles With Human Food

The Australians, not content to dive in the ocean deep with a mere shark cage, have taken to hopping in the water with 19.6ft long salt water crocodiles using nothing but 4cm of acrylic plastic to keep them safe. As the croc gnashes its teeth against the cage, you piss your pants, the wife takes some pics, and we once again reaffirm why dolphins are actually the dominant species on the planet.The croc in question here, Choppa, was selected for this humiliating assignment because he lost two front teeth while fighting with some other 2,000lb. crocodiles at the Crocosaurus Cove amusement park. "In the Northern Territory, the saltwater crocodile is an icon and is part of our life. They are always in the news, either in someone's swimming pool or killing someone's favorite horse," said Michael "That's not a knife, this is a knife" Scott, who opened the cage in July. There have been no fatalities yet, although there are apparently some noticeable gashes in the plastic from the Choppa's remaining teeth. [Daily Mail]


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I heard once that the salty crocs are actually curious and intelligent (as far as reptiles go); unfortunately, the only way they can explore something they're interested in is to bite it.