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Awesome DS Digital Sketchbook App Turns You Into Pocket Picasso (If You Don't Suck at Drawing)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nintendo might be the best videogame company on earth, but occasionally they waste some real opportunities. Like Mario Paint on the DS. It's pleading for it. But Wired's How-To Wiki shows us how to turn it into a sweet digital sketchbook in the meantime with Colors. All you need to install it is a DS-compatible flash cartridge and a microSD card. Colors is a fairly basic (no layers or undo yet) but still impressive paint app, and more features, like DS-to-DS collaborative painting, are coming. You can use a full-size Wacom stylus if the DS one cramps your style, and export via Wi-Fi or microSD. To see what you can really do, check out this amazing Rembrandt replica by Jason Dunn.

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