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Back to the Future's Newspaper Was Pretty Terrible

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Because we love all things Back to the Future and see everything through Doc Brown metal-tinted glasses, we forgot how hilariously bad the Hill Valley Telegraph, the newspaper in all the BTTF movies, was. Luckily, Vulture remembered and gathered the headlines of the paper to make fun of.

The Hill Valley Telegraph, if you forgot, plays a pretty big role in plot exposition for BTTF. When things change in the past present, the headlines in the paper reveals the changes in the present future. I loved seeing the bad news transform into good news as a kid! But if you take a step back and think of the Hill Valley Telegraph as a newspaper organization, well, things get pretty hilarious.


Vulture examines multiple headlines and determines that even though the Hill Valley Telegraph takes a strong interest in national news (the Eisenhower veto for example) they also give front page headlines to silly local news more befitting of the back page: clock tower being struck, Biff Tannen winning bets and George McFly receiving awards. What kind of newspaper is the Hill Valley Telegraph? National? Local? Terrible? And without a focus, how did it keep printing in 2015? WHAT ARE THE ANSWERS.

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