The close-ups on Grayston and maudlin piano music prompted commenters to jump to a few conclusions: that the interview with Boe was scripted, or worse, that the entire Peachy Printer venture had been a scam from the get-go and both men were in on it. Grayston addresses this on the Kickstarter page.

What if this whole thing is a scam?

I fully expect that some people will think this is just a big conspiracy, but if that were true do you really think I’d be asking you to write to my local police? After looking at all the evidence, if you still think this is a scam - I encourage you to report that to my city police:

I know I’ve done my best to act in the interest of the backers, and I’m confident the investigation will find that to be true.

It’s unclear what Grayston hopes to accomplish by getting local police involved, other than avoiding legal action by backers or possibly shaming Boe into paying back money he may or may not still have.

We contacted Grayston and will update if we receive a response.