I have to admit, I'm finally starting to believe that Hyperion Power's plans to install nuclear reactors in the backyards of America's neighborhoods is actually going to happen. In fact, after learning that they have already begun construction on the first 4,000 units I have no doubt that they will make their 2013 deadline as well. If you were wondering how much these "affordable" reactors would cost, Hyperion has put a $25 million price tag on each unit—which breaks down to about $2500 per household on a 10,000 home grid and it can run for five years without maintenance. That's actually pretty cheap when you consider how much most households spend on electricity in a single year. In fact, Hyperion's reactors can reliably power up to 20,000 homes each—reducing the price of energy to about 10 cents per watt. Again, the idea has a lot of upside, but let's not forget that they still have not developed a way to eliminate the waste it will generate (even a softball-sized amount over 5 years will add up), and burying a radioactive device in our backyards may be a hard-sell for some communities. [Hyperion via Money via DVICE]