Bacon Lamp

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I doubt that words can do justice to the unbridled fulfillment a man receives when standing next to a bacon lamp birthed from his own brilliance.


Flickr user kmkelley617's bacon lamp is real and it's (mostly) edible. The shade is made out of 99% handwoven bacon which was then baked as a mold in the oven, probably so kmkelley617 wouldn't find himself violently ill should he get mouthy in the middle of a spontaneous-yet-inevitable man-on-lamp lovemaking session.

The only room we see for improvement is to replace that lightbulb with something of a higher wattage so the lamp becomes a dual bacon idol/bacon cooker, rather than solely the former. [flickr via Oddity Central via The Presurfer via technabob]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I don't know where the obsession with bacon came from on Giz but I absolutely love it haha. Whenever I hear someone say they love bacon I refer them to this site [] #baconlamp