Bag of Rice and Duct Tape Modify Xbox 360 Controller For Disabled Use

Illustration for article titled Bag of Rice and Duct Tape Modify Xbox 360 Controller For Disabled Use

As you know, duct tape can be used for pretty much anything, and rice fills a large hole when needed. Coupled with some Xbox 360 controller parts though, they can make a disabled chap get his game on.

With a little help from Ben Heck, Evil Controllers modified an Xbox 360 controller so muscular dystrophy-sufferer Steve Spohn could play the Xbox. The joysticks and buttons are stuck to a makeshift controller with velcro, and are able to be moved about depending on whatever's most comfortable. If a game is being played where joysticks aren't needed, they can even be ripped off so they don't interfere. The wearer can also put on a t-shirt with buttons sewn into the shoulders, which are activated when the gamer shrugs.

As you can see in the video, it's in a pretty makeshift state at the moment, but Evil Controllers has grand hopes that they'll be able to get it on the market at some point. [PC World via Kotaku]


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Kat thank you for posting such an interesting article and so relevant to me. I don't read Kotaku much or PC World so I would have missed this article. I myself suffer from muscular dystrophy although I am not at Steve's level yet. My uncle also had muscular dystrophy he was just like Steve when he passed not much use of upper or lower extremities so even using his computer was difficult. I think he would have enjoyed this. At least we have someone out there already thinking about things like controller modding.

On a side note I see a lot of products don't really make devices easy for persons with disablites to use. I hope that this changes soon.