Bangkok Is Basically the Most Popular Location on Instagram

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If you've ever looked at Instagram's explore tab, then you've undoubtedly seen a bevy of most liked photos originating from kids in Thailand. And as it turns out, the most popular location to tag Instagram photos this year came from the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. After that it was some mall in Bangkok, followed by: Disneyland, Times Square, AT&T Park, LAX, Dodger Stadium, the Eiffel Tower, the Staples Center and the pier in Santa Monica. Kudos to you, Thailand. You're the kings and queens of Instagram. [Instagram]


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They're probably taking pictures of either Central Paragon, Central World, or Emporium....

one of the nicer looking malls in bkk.

although I fail to see the infatuation with Suvarnabhumi Airport... it's such a contradictory design.. (who the hell thought to build a fucking greenhouse style building in a tropical country that is hot nearly every single day?) When that airport first opened up, the sales people who work in the airport actually passed out from heat exhaustion because the amount of heat that got trapped due to the greenhouse effect until they had to add tons more AC units (those silver "blocks" that are seen everywhere in the airport) and had to canvas alot of the "windows"

not to mention the shitty work they did on the runway... how shoddy of a work did they do to have to rework the whole runway surface within 5 years of the opening of the airport.

As a Thai person, I see suvarnabhumi is a stinking sign of corruption and illogical/materialistic decisions all balled up in a project of shoddy work...

if only corruption isn't as horrific as it is in Thailand.. we would have an actual proper airport that will last many decades...-_-''''