Illustration for article titled Bar Installs Pregnancy Test Dispenser, Makes Blind Dates Even More Awkward

In an attempt to reduce alcohol-related learning disabilities and birth defects, Pub 500—a bar in Minnesota—has installed a pregnancy test vending machine so patrons can make sure they're not expecting before they get completely wasted. Think of it as a logical extension of the more traditional condom dispensers found in the restrooms.


The machine was provided by a local non-profit organization called Healthy Brains for Children, and even though it charges three dollars per test—payable via debit or credit cards—the owner of Pub 500 doesn't make any profit from having it on the wall. In fact, there's the risk that Tom Frederick could actually lose customers if they test positive, but he feels it's a worthy cause. All of the proceeds instead go directly to the non-profit who hope to one day have the dispensers installed in over 100 bars in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. And given how many pregnancies are actually the result of drinking, it only seems fitting for bars to provide both alcohol and pregnancy testing now. [Daily News via The Mary Sue]

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