Batman V. Superman Might Be Split Into Two Films?

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This could be total bullshit, but when you think about it… it kind of makes sense. Could the Batman V. Superman movie be split into two parts?


Latino Review has an insane story that all started with an image from a tipster: "A person claiming to have an iPhone video of the teaser for Batman V. Superman has posted a single screenshot of what s/he claims is the last title."

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This image is alleging that Batman v. Superman could be split into two movies, and the first movie could come out as early as October 23 THIS YEAR. As you know, right now the proposed release date for Batman V. Superman is March 25th, 2016. So this would be a lot earlier. The second film would then be released on the original, planned release date.

It sounds insane. Why would Warner Bros. spend all this time trying to market Dawn of Justice if that's not the name of the next film? Then again, the WB hasn't necessarily had a super stellar track record with announcing their comic titles. So while I think this should be taken with an absolutely massive grain of salt, it wouldn't surprise me.

Then there's the matter of the names. We can all agree that Dawn of Justice is a really, really weird name choice. BUT when you put Dawn of Justice after Enter the Knight… well now you have a nice little play on words. It's always darkest before the dawn, yada yada. So yeah, that is the only reason I'm thinking that perhaps there may be some truth to this — because we hate the Dawn name so very much. However, a release date of October this year? That sounds crazy. Also this would be a pretty easy picture to fake.



Spoiler Alert! I hear it's actually being split into three parts:

Batman v Superman Part I: Enter the Knight

Batman v Superman Part II: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman Part III: World's Finest Brunch