Batman's Mobile Bat-Lab Will Return As A New Playset

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Now this is sort of retro revival I can get behind. First, Figures Toy Company announced that they would bring back Mego’s old school cardboard playsets for their Batman and DC 8” figure line — and now they’ve gone a step further and revealed they’ll be bringing back new versions of Mego’s DC vehicles, too.


Part of Mego’s old 8 inch World’s Greatest Superheroes line, the Mobile Bat-Lab — which was basically a Volkswagen camper van with stickers saying”Pow!” and “Zap” plastered all over it, which, WHY IS BATMAN NOT RIDING AROUND IN THIS THING TO THIS VERY DAY, DAMMIT — was one of a few vehicles produced for the figure line (the Joker even got a matching counterpart covered in stickers saying “ha!”). Others included the Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV show, and of course, the infamous Amazing Spider-Car.

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But Figures Toy Company have announced that they’ll be bringing the toy back as part of their updated take on Mego’s World’s Greatest Superheroes figures — and not just that, but they’ll be creating a whole line of similarly wonderful/goofy vehicles for the Teen Titans, the Gotham City Police Department, and Superman as well. I can think of no other hero that needs a Van more than Superman.

Each van will also include an exclusive variant figure to go with it, and although no price has been revealed yet, considering a figure on its own will set you back $25, the Bat-Lab will probably be pushing at least $50 if not more when the vehicle is released later this year.

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My first thought.

Well Batman is already running around in his underwear with a young protege.