Be Thankful You Saw This Alien Chestburster Turkey Recipe the Day After Thanksgiving

There’s still Christmas, though, so... maybe it’s an idea to keep?

Bloody Disgusting’s Tye Lombardi shared this incredibly gross but inspired take on a Thanksgiving staple, which actually sounds delicious—after all, it is meat (turkey) with meat on top of it (a pork loin, trimmed open to resemble the infant chestbuster), that is wrapped in more meat (prosciutto) and slathered in cranberry sauce “blood.” But my god... looking at it may put you off from a roast dinner for the foreseeable future, even if you are a die-hard Alien fan.

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Lombardi’s centerpiece also included spaghetti teeth for the infant chestburster and turkey gravy dyed fluorescent green so it could be presented as “Xenomorph acid” to guests, which is a level of creativity that can only be matched by the level of grossness the end product. Check out the in-progress shots for her nightmarish creation at the link below, and then immediately forget that you ever saw it so you don’t try to unleash this culinary frightfest on your friends and family in the future.


If you do, though, send us pictures (!) so we can see their reactions.

[Bloody Disgusting]


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