Because Brian Barrett Is on Vacation

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Known panda-hater, poll-loser, and Gizmodo senior editor Brian Barrett is out on vacation at the moment. So I'm free to post this sickeningly adorable photo of panda bears—wonderful, tenacious creatures—sleeping in a giant panda crib. Eat it, Brian.


If anyone dares follow Brian's fatuous attempts to defame the noble, cuddly beast, I will direct them to this photo. I will direct them to this photo and watch them collapse, grasping their throat, begging for forgiveness. How could they have been so wrong? I don't know. I don't care. In my mind, I'm lying with these pandas, waiting for our giant panda nurse to bring us bamboo snacks. [Vacationing Ed. Note: Sam, you're fired] [BuzzFeed]



Well I love going to a tech blog to see a story not relating to tech whatsoever. I used to like you Sam Biddle. Now that I think of it, only because you reminded me of Sam Axe on Burn Notice for some reason