Being Human adopts a werepuppy!

Last night Being Human adopted a brand new werepuppy. And like all new puppy owners across the land, Nora and Josh prepared themselves by buying a gun and taking off all their clothes (it's for paper-training OBVIOUSLY). And while the happy couple was welcoming the newest member of their supernatural club, Aidan and Sally were losing their monster pals. Spoilers ahead.


So Nora and Josh have a new puppy — hooray for that unexpected if not entirely necessary plot twist. The puppy isn't actually a dog, but a dirty street youth. Together she and Nora "changed." it was... cool? I don't know yet we'll see where this relationship goes. I think the bigger takeaway was Nora and Josh's different reactions to transforming into a wolf. Clearly they still haven't addressed the issues from last season. Nora feels very differently about being a wolf, and yet, she's very protective of Josh's humanity. Methinks the first time the werepuppy piddles on the carpet their fight snowballs into something much bigger, maybe. Sidenote, the "dude you've got layers" line. That felt like taking a bullet. Woof.

Meanwhile Aidan and Sally are losing friends because they are selfish, selfish bastards. Sally is getting American Werewolf in Londoned by her kissing victim. Good. Serves Sally right for just shoveling drinks, food and tongues into her zombie mouth-hole before realizing what was going to happen to her victims. SHAME. I actually loved Sally getting haunted. Perhaps I was just so sick of seeing the lady in the fugly sweater, but Sally is officially smoking and learning how to deliver the laughs. I have absolutely zero sympathy for her actions, but I do like watching what she does. Does that make sense? Cue the ridiculously hot and handsom funeral director Max.

What else? Oh yeah, Aidan, sheesh. This guy's story is dragging, ain't it? Henry is infected with the flu because Aidan freed his food resource. Which means the ashes of this vampire son will be your button chin, Aidan. This is strange growth — Aidan once murdered two ladies to feed his son, but now he's setting his pets free? Oh Aidan, you are such a conflicted mess. But please, get cracking on this flu thing or give us some more time with the zombie witch doctor and her strange set of ghost cocaine. Cause that shit is interesting.

Overall, zombies up, vampires down, werewolves in the middle.



This is not aimed at you directly so much as the entire io9 staff:

Can we PLEASE stop referring to the US version as "Being Human" and calling the other one "Being Human UK"? For one thing, the UK version was first. That alone merits it being referenced sans elaboration. Secondly, the UK version is *much* better, which also should earn it that right.

And though I concede the second point is an opinion, the first is not.