Belkin's iPhone Camera Remote Revealed By the FCC

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Like an older sibling who spoils the surprise ending of a movie, the FCC has revealed photos and details of Belkin's upcoming wireless camera remote for the iPhone. Except that in this case, the surprise is no Keyser Söze.

The remote is actually a combination of two pocket-friendly devices that make it easier to take a hands-off approach to iPhone photography. A compact stand can be perched on a variety of different surfaces, angling and positioning the smartphone for taking photographs and videos. While a Bluetooth wireless remote works in conjunction with the Belkin LiveAction camera app, available for free from the iTunes App Store, to remotely trigger the shutter when it's in camera mode, or start and stop recording when in video mode. There's no word on pricing or availability at this point, but since it's currently making its way through the FCC, you can probably expect it to be available before the year's out. [FCC via WirelessGoodness via SlashGear]

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Belkin eh... dont expect it to last very long, should be broken in a couple months.