Bench Pressing While Popping a Wheelie on a Motorcycle Is Impossibly Impressive

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This video captures the Internet's entrepreneurial spirit in one single minute. Have an impossible skill you can do? Like um, being able to bench press in unique situations? Like um, while popping a wheelie on your motorcycle? YOU CAN BE FAMOUS.

The video also captures the attention of the Internet's authenticity police. Do we trust a guy wearing a bulging motorcycle jacket with preset 8-pack abs? Did we not see the plate shift 23 seconds into the video? And surely, the video will be seized by Internet copycats, right? Are we prepared to have an onslaught of guys one upping each other with more and more weight while riding a motorcycle? Will it be more impressive if it's a bicycle? What if a cat did this? This is the entire internet, in one video.

And make sure you watch the video to the end because the benchpress man turns into a Transformer. It's weirder than I made it sound. [Oh Have You Seen This]