Berries Battle Booze in Your Belly, Bellow Boffins

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I am so drunk. But my stomach feels divine. It must be all the strawberries. Seriously, strawberries can save your stomach from booze.


European researchers found that consuming strawberries can help prevent damage to your stomach's mucus membrane caused by drinking too much alcohol. It's due to the berries' antioxidant properties and anthocyans, as well as the antioxidant defenses and enzymes they cause the body to release. The study found that eating lots of strawberries can also help prevent gastric illnesses, and slow down the formation of stomach ulcers.

Which is pretty dope because I really like strawberries. And whiskey.

Just remember: eat your strawberries before you get loaded kids. Once you're blackout drunk, it's too late. Also? I'm pretty sure Strawberry Hill doesn't count. [MedicalXpress]

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This is a shitty study with very little relevance to how humans normally consume alcohol.

These rats got 1 mL of pure ethanol forcibly instilled into their stomach at once. That translates into about 150 mL (5 oz) for an average sized human. Of course, that will cause stomach ulcerations acutely.

So yea, if you're planning on chugging half a liter of 80-proof vodka in one sitting, better get some strawberries. And someone to pump your stomach.