Besides Cilantro, What Foods Do You Find Absolutely Disgusting?

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Gizmodo staff got into a spirited debate about the most divisive of herbs, cilantro, sparked by the news that the U.S. imposed an import ban after human feces were found in cilantro fields outside Puebla, Mexico. Some of us despise cilantro; others would happily sprinkle it on most meals. Is there any other flavor that’s so universally controversial?


There’s evidence that finding cilantro inedible could be genetic—an inherited taste hatred. For once I’m grateful I avoid cilantro, considering tainted batches were “linked to hundreds of cases of cyclosporiasis—which can cause ‘explosive bowel movements’—across 19 states.” I agree with contributing editor Andrew Liszewski, who put it that there are “those who find [cilantro] awful and those who are wrong.” To me it tastes like a mix of soap and dirt.

In talking to fellow cilantro-haters I’ve found we have some other crossovers. I dislike nothing so much as peppers, any color, any size, any kind. I’d rather eat a handful of cilantro than a bell pepper, in fact. Other cilantro partisans have agreed about peppers in the past. Peppers are so abhorrent to me because they seem to overwhelm everything else in the dish/sandwich, and make it saturated with terrible pepper essence. See you in hell, peppers.

Are there other taste commonalities among those of us who dislike certain foods? It’s been suggested that I could be a supertaster, since I have such strong and adverse reactions to certain flavors. I’m considering Lifehacker’s DIY supertaster test when I get home tonight, so that I can explain that I’m not just picky, I have extra papillae.

Help us compile responses on the foods or flavors you avoid like the plague. What do you try your best to never let touch your tongue?

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Lutefisk. Why does it exist?