Best Buy Chairman to Resign Over CEO's Affair

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Richard Schulze is the founder of Best Buy, and is soon to step down from his position as chairman for the firm. Why? Because he got caught up in the mess that was his CEO's affair with Dayna Cline, but failed to alert board members despite knowing it was going on.

The Best Buy board has just completed an investigation into CEO Brian Dunn's interaction with Dayna Cline, reports the Wall Street Journal, and has come to the conclusion that he was having an "extremely close personal relationship" with her that "negatively impacted the work environment."


Schulze apparently became aware of the relationship last December, when he received a written statement from an anonymous, senior executive. But when Schulze confronted Dunn, he strenuously denied the affair.

Schulze's mistake was to leave it there—and now, he's out on his ass. I feel kinda sorry for Richard Schulze: a lifetime's work, ruined by another man's sex life. [Wall Street Journal]