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Best Buy Will Give You $200 to Trade in Your Old iPad

Illustration for article titled Best Buy Will Give You $200 to Trade in Your Old iPad

If that ageing iPad 2 is proving too slow for you, or your iPad 3 is ounces too heavy, good news: Best Buy is re-launching its $200 iPad trade-in program.


From July 23rd, Best Buy will take your iPad 2 or 3—as long as it's not water damaged or sporting a cracked display—when you buy a new iPad, in return for at least a $200 gift card. Depending on the slate you're trading in, the gift card may even be worth more than $200.

The deal runs until August 3rd, and is the second time the store has run the offer. It's a great deal, and one that it might be worth following up on—given we still don't know when the next iPad is going to arrive. [Best Buy]


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I'm considering selling my iPad 3 64GB when the iPad 5 comes out. But I can't find what Best Buy would give me for that. Depending on that, I might just sell it on ebay.