The iPhone 5C will be on sale at Best Buy all weekend for $50 off. Holy smokes that's a good deal, and just two weeks after the iPhone 5C hit stores.

According the ABC News, Best Buy will be giving customers a $50 gift card with the iPhone 5C until Monday October 7th, and you can apply the free money back towards the purchase of the phone. That means if you buy a 16 GB model it'll cost you just $50—with a two-year contract, of course. Not bad for one of the best phones money can buy.



ABCNews reports that Walmart will now be holding a fire sale of its own, selling the 16 GB iPhone 5C for $45, a whole $5 cheaper than Best Buy. What's more, the deal will reportedly last through the holidays. Woohoo!

And not to be left out, Radio Shack will apparently be selling the phone for $50 as well. Is this the new base price? That's freaking cheap.