Bicycle With Unlimited Gears Inspired By Leonardo

This DaVinci inspired gadget won't help you find a secret religious conspiracy and seduce a French lady, but it will help you get up and down mountains slightly easier. It's called "The Ride," and it's a bike that has a "NuVinci" transmission with ball bearings and metal disc systems to allow you to set the gear ratio at exactly the rate you want—essentially giving you an unlimited number of gears.

The gears themselves are made up of two rotating metal discs with tilting balls. The balls can roll to almost any angle, but the bikes cost $2995 for the standard version and $3995 for the Signature Series. Seeing as regular fancy bikes can cost a couple grand already even without infinite gears, this doesn't seem all that bad. [EllsworthRide via PopSci via Oh Gizmo]


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