Biodegradable Cutlery Looks Like the Vegetables You'll Eat WIth It

Illustration for article titled Biodegradable Cutlery Looks Like the Vegetables Youll Eat WIth It

This cutlery might look good enough to eat—and it almost kinda is, because it's made from a biodegradable plastic that breaks down over time.

Yes, yes, that doesn't mean it's edible, but it does mean that you could theoretically throw this knives and forks into your compost if you wanted. They're in fact made from PLA, a material usually derived from vegetable fats, oils, or starches.

Designed by Qiyun Deng, a design student at the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne, the cutlery takes the form of common vegetables. So, the fork looks like celery, the knife a stalk of fennel, and a cute little teaspoon even takes the form of a carrot. A carrot! How adorable. They're currently just a concept, but it would be just neat if they became a commercial reality. [Cargo Collective via This Is Colossal]

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So, I've been reading up on "biodegradable plastics" since I bought a corn-based coffee mug at my local brew show. After a few months, the mug started to crack and leak, so I brought it back to the shop to find out what to do with it. They advised me to trash it, which led to more research. Turns out these products WILL NOT break down or biodegrade at all in a landfill. They need to be sent to a commercial composting facility. It's great that these products are gaining in popularity, but we still need to be disposing of these correctly. Source:…