Roll that spliff phatly, pack some fresh ice into the binger, and set the Volcano to "toastify." It's time for tonight's Stoner Channel. We've collected our best high-times material for the discerning pothead so sit back, relax, and pass that shit on the left, yo.

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Tonight's top image comes from reader Sandrino K.

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How to Grow Weed in a Speaker

This is some A-Class cleverness here. Russian grower microRU needed a discreet way to foster his buds without alerting the cops (or worse yet—his wife) as to his endeavors. So he did what any resourceful stoner would do: he hollowed out a speaker body and installed a miniature grow-room. The 10.6-inch x 11-inch х 9.5-inch box is completely self contained with lighting (70 watt HPS), ventilation, hydroponics, and odor controls built in. [IC Mag via DrunkenMessiah]

Don't Ask Why Bjork Is Taking Apart Her TV, She Just Is

Further proof that drugs don't destroy your mind—Bjork does.

Swedish Chef Teaches Us How to Make Popcorn Shrimp

Bork. Oon du sherbedy be bork. Bollinee end de burnde de shrimpees. Alle de popcorn!

Why Stupid People Are Too Dumb to Know They're Stupid

Because if they were just barely dumb enough to realize their stupidity we'd have a world full of Forest Gumps. And nobody wants that.


This Guy Didn't Know He Shot Himself in the Head with a Nail Gun

See, this is why you don't let first-timers near the Space Cakes.


The Most Mesmerizing Drum Solo Committed to Video



Are You a Green Gardener?

Care to show off your handiwork to the Internets? If so, we want pics of your best buds, your highest-tech setups, and your bushiest bushes. Send images—960x540 minimum but we prefer 1600x900—of your legal stashes (no High Times ripoffs please) to atarantola at and we'll feature the best at the top each night's Stoner Channel. Put "The Stoner Channel" in the subject line while you're at it.


And no, for the last time, we aren't interested in seeing your wicked meth lab setup Jerry. Stop it or we're calling the fuzz.

Image: Curtis Barnard / Shutterstock


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