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Blackberry OS 4.5 Not Officially Arriving Until September

Illustration for article titled Blackberry OS 4.5 Not Officially Arriving Until September

The Blackberry Internet Services 2.5 upgrade (and subsequent downtime) is still go for a June 29 launch, but there's a catch. According to the Boy Genius Report, some of the "sexiest" 2.5 features won't be available until Blackberry OS 4.5 arrives-in September. From the looks of the BIS 2.5 presentation they got their boy-sized mitts on, at least one of those features is push AOL email and Hotmail/MSN accounts. Of course, if you have a newer Blackberry handset, or plan on buying one before September, it will come with 4.5 OS already installed. [Boy Genius Report]


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i have a curve and have had it for quite a while but not so long as to have experienced an os upgrade. can anyone fill in the gaps?