Black Hawk helicopter explodes after landing on minefield, four killed

This is a graphic video showing a Colombian Army Blackhawk helicopter landing on a minefield. It explodes tragically, killing four and injuring six of the 15 people on board. The explosives in the minefield were supposedly detonated by the guerilla movement FARC. So sad. War sucks on both sides.


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A Colombian army Black Hawk helicopter landed in a minefield in a rural area of Teorama municipality in Norte de Santander province, and four of the soldiers on board were killed in the resulting explosion, military officials said Monday.

According to reports from the soldiers on board the transport helicopter, six of whom were wounded, the explosives at the landing site were placed and detonated by the terrorist group FARC.

The helicopter, belonging to the army’s 33rd Mobile Brigade, was carrying 15 soldiers, local media reported.

Casey Chan probably swiped the video from LiveLeak and put the Sploid watermark on it .…

Original Video and Image credit Colombian Army @col_ejercito