Blockbuster is Officially Bankrupt

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As expected, Blockbuster has filed bankruptcy today in the US, after shuttering over 1,500 stores in the past year. The remaining 3,000 or so stores will stay open—though for how long, who knows. [Bloomberg]

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I've predicted this on almost every article on Blu-Ray that has come out - people won't believe that it's a stillborn format (I wouldn't either, if I shelled out big money on a player), just like Laserdisc and Betamax in the 70's and 80's... a false start that won't ever cross the line of majority.

Video rental stores (like Blockbuster) rent DVD's, and a few Blu-Rays on the side - because most people have DVD players, not Blu-Ray players.

(just like when most people had VCR's, not laser disc players... and VHS, not Beta).

Just like with CD audio moving to SACD - no, wait... MP3 I mean-

DVD video is moving to Blu-Ray - no, wait, downloadable video formats I mean.

We live in a different world now... buying discs seems so... 1990's.

And even with Blockbuster trying to play catch-up with Netflix, even with one toe in the streaming video rental waters, we end up here - bankruptcy. Too little too late - with confirmation that even Blockbuster knows that is the (ot at least part of, the) future, and not Blu-Ray.