Blu & Exile: She Said It's OK

Blu & Exile's Below the Heavens makes me miss 2007. No special reason—it wasn't that great a year, really—but it was a super-intelligent, emotionally honest album that just wedged itself exactly in that year for me. Weirdly, Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them, which was recorded in 2009, and released this last December, puts me in that same place. It's a good place.

Blu's made other music in the past few years, but it wasn't really as put together as that first album. But Give Me My Flowers has that same relaxed, whip-smart flow of consciousness about the same stuff—being broke, love, identity—that made Blu so relatable. "She Said It's OK" is my favorite off the album, probably because of the simple piano-laced beat that sounds so much like one of my favorite albums ever, except new, and not on playcount 500.


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