Weekend editor Jack Loftus tested his way around his hometown of Boston. There's no picture of him doing it, which, after you read his comments, might be a good thing.

Gov't Center (5pm)
Government Center is a hub of public affairs, adulterous affairs and current affairs. It's also the home to one of the ugliest public buildings in the world (our City Hall). With thousands of wired, connected and gadget-toting workers converging on it every week day, it's a great place to test 3G wireless speeds too.

South Boston (8pm)
If there's one thing I think about when I visit South Boston, it's whether or not my wireless connection is going to work. Oh wait, no no no. That's not it at all. Where's the frickin' beer? Was that Matt Damon? Anyway, wireless networks and their reliability are a close second though, after the beer. And the bars. And the women of South Boston deserve a mention too, now that the place has become a hive of recent college grads. Did I say the network was second? Who knew 3G tests could be so conflicting?


Harvard Square (4pm)
Sweet, glorious Harvard. The smells, the sites, the history. It's also a clusterfuck of students, protesters and people trying to look educated and important without really accomplishing either. And it only took three minutes for a passing homeless man to sit down next to me during the tests and start talking about how Barack Obama was a babykilling devil. Bastion of liberalism my ass!

Waltham (12pm)
There's no place like home, and there's nothing quite like 3G tests on the front porch with a slick looking Lenovo laptop. But put them together and, well, it was just peachy keen, but I'm no longer allowed to be unsupervised on my porch anymore. Note to self: Pants are your friend.


Sprint clearly played to win, here, with Verizon holding on and AT&T throwing in the towel. Even in uploads, where AT&T is generally the strongest competitor, it was a pretty matched fight.


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