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Bowers & Wilkins Z2: A Beautiful AirPlay Speaker with a Cozy Nest for Your iPhone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Speaker docks outfitted with Apple's Lightning dock connector seem like kind of waste these days. Wireless music is the future, homie! But does this new beauty from Bowers & Wilkins look like a dock? Where's the port? It's hidden by clever design.

The Bowers & Wilkins Z2 is an evolution of the almost-amazing Zeppelin Mini iPod dock that didn't quite win our battlemodo a couple of years ago. Gone is the clunky 30-pin mount, and stretchy fabric coat that feels like it might rip as you carry it from the living room to the kitchen. The Z2 sports a revamped plastic build better suited to a semi-portable speaker than the bookshelf speaker design of the Zepp-Mini before it. It also adds AirPlay connectivity and a larger set of 3.5-inch drivers.


But even if speaker docks are on their way out, we can't help but admire how elegantly B&W concealed the lightning connector on the Z2. You get the convenience without the eyesore.


And while we're on it, those volume keys are the first capacitive touch-buttons we've ever loved. The texture of the raised plus and minus moldings in the plastic is just right.

We listened to the speaker for a short while, and no surprise, it's a B&W product so it sounds great. And it gets LOUD. We should have a review unit shortly. We'll let you know if it's worth the 400 clams B&W is asking, but the price is competitive with other high-quality wireless speakers out there. [Bowers & Wilkins]