Boxx Electric Bike Takes Its Design Stylings From IKEA's Packaging

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The limited capacity of batteries has made aerodynamics particularly important for extending the range of electric vehicles. So why have the makers of the Boxx electric bike completely thrown those principles out the window with their box on wheels?

The design probably makes shipping the $4,000 bike as easy as an IKEA TV stand, but something tells me you could squeeze a bit more distance out of its promised 80 mile range with a few more contours here and there.

At 120 pounds in weight the Boxx can support a rider up to 300 pounds, but at first glance it doesn't look like the most comfortable of rides. And with a top speed of just 36 miles per hour, you'll be limited to riding it in slower bike lanes, instead of with the flow of traffic. So it might not be the best option for your daily commuter. But I will give it credit for ease of parking, since it looks like you can easily slip the Boxx even in-between a couple of parked cars. [Boxx via The Red Ferret Journal]

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No video of it in motion, no pictures with a rider, website missing all sorts of information and a only a 90-day warranty for labor for a first gen vehicle? The guy also claims it's the first AWD two wheeled bike, which it's not (see: Rokon motorcycles).

And the buzz phrases in its press release—awful:

BOXX Corp. is committed, as a commercial vehicle brand owner...Lifting conventions...value basis of its craft to superior design engineering as its core business operation...introducing a vehicle format of countless innovations.