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Bra Dryer is the Most Useful Device Shaped Like a Pair of Boobs Ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey ladies, are you sick of air drying your bras and having it take forever? Me too! That's why I totally love this BraDryer concept, which is specially designed for drying off your support garments.

The great thing about the Bra Dryer is how unambiguously designed it is. No one will have any doubts about what this thing is for when they find a pair of wire mesh breasts sitting in your laundry room. And I like to think that if you run out of Bras to dry, you can just use it as a boob-shaped heat fan.


One question: what if your boobs are bigger or smaller than the shapes of the dryer? Will that warp your delicates? Oh, the questions I have about this thing.


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