Brad Pitt Putts Around France, Snaps N00dz in Japanese Softbank Cellphone Ad

Here's an unlikely combination brought to you by the Japanese ad industry: Hipster director Wes Anderson, sexy third-world-kid-adoptothoner Brad Pitt, topless French ladies and... Japan's Softbank cellphones.

The ad, for Softbank's winter line, is a remake of the 1953 French film Les Vacances de Monseieur Hulot. Pitt looks over some fruit, helps push a stalled car, nearly gets run over by bikers and then snaps some nudie pics with his cellphone. Sacré bleu, Pitt-san! [ via Defamer]


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You all do realize that American movie stars go over to Japan and do these kinds of ads all the time?

Kinda maybe thinking that was the whole like first half-hour of 'Lost in Translation.'