Branagh's Thor Will Be Faithful, Successful, Claims Marvel Chief

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Director Kenneth Branagh's history may be more highbrow, but his Thor movie is going to be very faithful to the comics (and to the Avengers movie franchise), says Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada.


Talking to Comic Book Resources, Quesada talked about meeting with Branagh and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to map out the movie:

[Branagh] has immersed himself in [the comics]... He was talking about characters and villains that even I was going, like, who was that?, y'know. But if you're a Thor-head, you're going to go, oh right... So it was wonderful to hear this stuff. He wasn't just concerned about Thor, but he also understood going in, from the beginning - because we established very early on... Well, at the end of the Iron Man movie, but very early on [in the process], that there's going to be other movies that become part of this tapestry. This is essentially our Star Wars, our universe is our Star Wars, and he understands that his Thor movie is one of the legs of this table that will interplay with an Iron Man movie down the road, or the Avengers movie down the road.

Of course, does being faithful to the comic mean that Thor will be a God once again? Quesada didn't even hint in that direction, wisely.

Thor is being prepped for a 2010 release.

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Kenneth Branagh? Thor? To be honest, I haven't seen any movie he directed since Much Ado About Nothing (that I'm aware of), so I have no idea if he'd do a good job or not. Great actor, though.