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Breakdancing Is No Match For Project Natal's Sensors

Illustration for article titled Breakdancing Is No Match For Project Natals Sensors

It's possible that you've been reading reports of Microsoft's body-capturing Project Natal with some skepticism, wondering, "how well can this cockamamie setup possibly work?" Well, going by this video of it perfectly tracking a guy breakdancing, pretty damn well.

As best we can guess, Natal will be making its way to Xboxes sometime this fall. That means we've still got a good deal of waiting ahead of us, so every once in a while it's nice to have a reminder of why we're so excited. February's reminder: this video of Natal perfectly tracking a dude dancing during the requisite playground ball demo game.


The video isn't as much of a slam dunk on the lag factor. At some points it looks like there's a definite delay between the dancer's movements and those of his avatar on screen, and at other times the lag seems imperceptible. It's hard to say for sure. But as for the motion capture itself, even in low light situations, it appears to be undeniably smooth. [Kinect Games - Thanks, Jordan!]

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is that break dancing or wiggling around like a douche bag?