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Breath Alert Stank Mouth Detector

Illustration for article titled Breath Alert Stank Mouth Detector

Admit it, that whole cupping your hand over your mouth trick works about as well as an ice cream parlor in the middle of hell. The Breath Alert is here to help. This gadget is actually pretty scientific. It will detect the levels of volatile sulfide compounds and hydrocarbon gas that cause stank breath and will rate your breath on four levels.


Is your breath kicking? [Coolest-Gadgets]

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So a company named Interscan actually makes single and (I think) multi-gas monitors and they do in fact make a monitor specifically to check for the compounds causing bad breath...I had a chat with the owner of the company a few years ago since we used to distribute his other equipment, and I've actually gotten calls from people asking did we have that particular meter, since they'd seen one at their dentist or whatnot. (Not often, mind.) The point though that I have is that typically you don't have ANY sort of accuracy with low flow gas meters without a lot more calibration than any consumer would ever desire or be able to give to their handheld device like that, so I wouldn't trust it—really a great deal less than I'd trust a pocket breathalyzer, since at least I like to think the people making those realize someday there'll be some sort of lawsuit involving one.