Bridgestone's Puncture-Proof Tires Look Like They Were Made With a Spirograph

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Featuring an intricate resin spoke system, Bridgestone's new airless tire provides the same level of shock absorption as an inflated tire without you having to worry about monitoring air pressure or changing a flat ever again.


The idea is similar to Michelin's Tweel which first appeared back in 2006, and even the wheels used on the Lunar Rover that NASA developed during the Apollo era. But Bridgestone appears to have improved on both designs with the use of thermoplastic resin spokes that radiate out from the inner hub to the outer rim at a 45 degree angle. When combined with a second set of spokes on the opposite side that radiate out in the other direction, it results in added strength, stability, and flexibility.


Besides letting you drive through broken glass and even spike strips with impunity, Bridgestone's take on the airless tire is also made from recycled rubber and plastics, meaning that once the tread has become worn, you can just toss them in your recycling bin for pickup. Unfortunately, if ever put into production with widespread adoption, the days of the quaint tire swing hanging in your front yard are numbered. [Tech-On!]

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I'm sure there is some flaw within these tires that the manufacturers have not considered but I have thought of in the 30 seconds it took me to read this article that will make these tires completely impractical compared to the regular air tires that are used currently. I hope that the researchers working for this established tire company, and whose job it is to maintain expertise in tire technology find their way to this article and read the comments. But who am I kidding, these researchers are probably those book smart introspective types who don't ask for or seek advice and also don't have the practical common sense to see obvious flaws that the average Internet commenter picks up on within one picture and three sentences of info. It really is amazing how any progress in technology is made at all. There are just so many obvious obstacles and places to fail. I really just don't understand how the world doesn't slowly morph into a quivering pile of goo.