Brother QuattroT 6000D: Now Even Sewing Machines Are HD

Illustration for article titled Brother QuattroT 6000D: Now Even Sewing Machines Are HD

Are you still watching television in standard def? How humiliating. Because Brother has just announced the world's first sewing machine with a built-in camera to display your work on an "HD" screen.

While we don't do much sewing ourselves, the QuattroT 6000D seems to have some good ideas. 56 LEDs illuminate the sewing platform while its "InnovEyeT Technology" provides a bird's eye view of the needle, which can be enlarged for a better view of precision work. Plus, the camera allows the fabric to be auto-positioned (with the help of a sensor positioning sticker) for automatic embroidery.

The screen itself, by Sharp, is a 32-(square)-inch display with 260,000 colors. It's not quite gameday ready, but we're sure that it tracks a mean cross stitch.


No word on price at the moment, but we may see more of the QuattroT 6000D at CES should we lose a button or become bored by endless rows of cameras and TVs. [Brother]

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My wife could use one of these for her fashion design work. I bet it's going to be very expensive though. I'd guess $4000 or more, based on what I've seen for other machines like this.

It does have 3 USB ports though!