Bud Light Built a Human-Sized Pac-Man Maze For Its Super Bowl Ad

Say what you will about the actual beer, but Bud Light has made some pretty memorable Super Bowl commercials over the years. And for this year's big game they've made every child of the '80s' dream come true by building a human-sized version of Pac-Man that even has challengers battling giant glowing ghosts while desperately hunting for cherries.

It looks impossibly fun, although victory is more enticing when it means you've secured a spot on a Pac-Man arcade machine's high score ranking, instead of walking away with a Bud Light in hand. [YouTube via Technabob]

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Next year, Bud Light should do a tie in with Grand Theft Auto and rebrand themselves PiƟwasser. And then leave it that way. Seriously, they do awesome commercials (non sequitur- awesome commercial does not compute). Budweiser in general does some of the best commercials in my opinion. But the beer is just puddle water.