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Build Your Own Bartop NES Cabinet

Illustration for article titled Build Your Own Bartop NES Cabinet

If you've got a spare PC and 17-inch monitor, why not fashion your own NES bartop cabinet?


Step-by-step instructions are available over at Instructables, but the end product is a tabletop Nintendo emulator with both USB ports and authentic NES plugs. Plus, since it's PC-based as opposed to NES-based, the whole thing can function as a standard computer as well.

But what would you prefer—a sleekly integrated screen with a tiny emulator PC, or a chunky, nostalgic cabinet like this one? For some reason (probably that I'm old enough to have thrown more than one birthday party in an arcade), I'd take the chunky cabinet. Then I'd kick myself as I remembered that my apartment has no space for the thing. [Instructables via gearfuse]

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I'm right smack in the middle of a project building a very similar bartop cabinet for Mame. It's pretty cool, but it's way easy to underestimate how much space the thing takes up. It really isn't any smaller than a full-size upright unless you really already have bartop space set aside for it. Once you get it set up on a table (finding one of the appropriate height is a real pain, too) then it might as well just be an upright.

I had the foolish idea that I'd be able to throw it into a closet when not in use, so I wouldn't need a dedicated space for it, but that's a pipe dream, the thing is way too damn big and heavy to be moved around and stowed away.