If you find yourself living in a wartorn part of the world—dodging gunfire and errant shrapnel all hours of the day—a bulletproof iPad case might not seem like overkill. But for the majority of iPad users, this resilient case does nothing to protect the tablet from more immediate and pressing daily threats.

Sure, a bullet would instantly put the device out of commission, but a spilled can of soda can be just as deadly. And we won't even go into the horrors of having a friend leave greasy fingerprint streaks all over its pristine display. So while VestGuard UK is certainly to be lauded for applying its expertise in making bulletproof vests to create a case that can shrug off a shot from a 9mm handgun, it might not be as popular a seller as they hope. Particularly since it will probably come with a price tag fit for a Department of Defense budget. [VestGuard UK via Engadget]


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