Bump, Sidecar.me, and More

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The best Android apps of the week are serving many purposes this time around, from sharing and managing your photos and contacts more easily to getting you ready for the holiday weekend.

Bump: Bump is useful because it makes it easy to share things like contacts, pictures, and apps. Though it's been around for a while, it just got a big update that lets you share photos from your phone to your computer. Free


Someecards: These sharable cards are fun to pass along between your friends. They're frequently posted on Facebook, and now they've gone mobile with an Android app which lets you view and send the newest cards. Free

PhotoBox: Facebook Camera doesn't have an Android version yet, but that doesn't mean you can't still manage your social media photos and add filters in a dedicated app. PhotoBox lets you view and edit images and post several at the same time to Facebook. Free


Sidecar.me: You're limited when it comes to multitasking on a phone call. However, Sidecar supplements your usual dials by letting you share real-time photos, videos, and location information. You'll know exactly what the person on the other end of the line is up to in every area of their lives. Free


Grill-it: It's Memorial Day weekend, which means you might be grilling. Grill-it makes sure you don't screw it up. It gives you tons of recipes and helps you with technique, as well. No one's going to leave your cookout hungry (or food poisoned). $0.99