Butt Kits, Drone Planes and Sneaky Light Switches Are All It Takes To Be a Secret Agent

Illustration for article titled Butt Kits, Drone Planes and Sneaky Light Switches Are All It Takes To Be a Secret Agent

Being a highly trained, super-secret secret agent is a super-hard secret to keep. Best-case scenario: no one ever finds out how awesome you really are because you're so concerned with maintaining a Joe Normal public persona. Worst-case scenario: you blow your cover and are forced to spend the rest of your days as a lowly tech journalisthow embarrassing. Which is why a good spy needs some good gadgets to help keep him both entertained and under wraps.


Below is a round-up of the niftiest recent advancements in spy gear, brought to you with the help of a top-secret organization we have promised to only reference by acronym—NTSF:SD:SUV::.

Stalk in Style

ZionEyez Spy Glasses let you record your prey in 720p HD video, so the next time you have a covert back-alley meeting, you can capture every hairy detail. Additionally, these spy specs come equipped with a microphone, 8GB of storage for up to three hours of recording time, and a microUSB port. So practice the following statement, "Hello, ne'er-do-well. Please look me directly in the eye and say the following incriminating statements. Also, please be advised that this is not entrapment."

Fortify Your Lair

What's the point of installing an underground bunker beneath your mid-century split-level unless you hook up a stealthy security system as well? The Spy Camera Light Switch is just that, a light switch with a built-in camera that texts you live video of whomever happens to be sneaking around.

Spy from the Sky

Sometimes it's necessary to get a little perspective. The Aeryon Scout Quadrotor is a teeny, tiny little drone that snaps together in the field, can spot a human from 2 miles away, and is controllable through a touch remote. Evil-doers and pigeons beware!


This Post Will Self Destruct

Got an important message that needs to get across enemy lines? Got a printer, some sharp things, and some crystallized lemon juice? Of course you do! What spy doesn't carry around crystallized lemon juice? With a few simple mods, this video will show you how to turn your clunky old inkjet into a weapon of mass instruction that only prints invisibly.


See? Isn't being a secret agent neat? Even better, no one expects you to hide escape kits up your no-no anymore. For more lessons on what it takes to be a spy, and to learn all about the mysterious crime-fighting organization known only as NTSF:FS:SUV::, tune into Adult Swim tonight at exactly 12:15 AM EST!