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Big Cable Is Tricking Advocacy Groups Into Fighting Net Neutrality

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The public wants net neutrality. We've all made it pretty clear. But the cable companies don't. They've already ginned up some lobbyist-funded, anti-neutrality groups, but now it seems they're going a step further, tricking real groups into joining up.

According to reports by VICE, a few real advocacy groups manned by real people with real interests—many of which have little or nothing to do with the telecomm industry— have been conned into supporting Broadband for America one of the anti-neutrality advocates funded almost entirely by cable lobby money.


Some of the groups listed as supporters, like the Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals, said they supported the expansion of broadband to rural and underserved areas, but weren't made aware of Broadband for America's net neutrality stance. Other groups, like the Ohio League of Conservation Voters, said they didn't even know they'd be listed as allies.

The executive director of the Ohio League of Conservation Voters even went so far as to put out a message to Broadband for America.


From VICE:

The Ohio League of Conservation Voters does not endorse your position on broadband. This is not a policy area that we take positions on. Why are we listed as a Broadband for America member? I am unaware of Ohio LCV taking any position on broadband issues and I have been Executive Director since 2011. The Ohio LCV is not a member of Broadband for America. Remove us from your listing of members.

If we want to save net neutrality, there is a long, arduous fight ahead, and it looks like the cable industry and the FCC are content to play a little dirty. But it doesn't change the fact that everyone with a brain still wants net neutrality. [VICE via Engadget]