Caffeine-Laced Pantyhose for Weight Loss

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Now you can wear your coffee and drink it, too. Slim Fit 20 pantyhose have embedded caffeine microcapsules that are released by body heat, mainlining that java mojo right into your bloodstream and boosting your metabolism. That way, so the fantasy goes, you can burn fat right off those thunder thighs, using this effortless and miraculous method. The manufacturer of this product also claims that if you wear these tights every day you can lose around an inch from your thighs after just one-to-four weeks, and also get rid of cellulite and that horrific "orange peel" effect. Of course, caution the snake-oil salesmen, this may not work for everyone.

We're hoping this is just a joke, because this entire concept is based on a misunderstanding. You can't spot reduce, you can't stimulate metabolism in just one part your body (if you do lose weight your body will decide where it's coming from), and caffeine is not exactly a weight-loss drug. Heck, if caffeine were effective for weight loss, we would all be positively skeletal by now. And we're not. Available for non-skeptical Brits, Slim Fit 20 pantyhose are £27 for a pack of three.


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